Quinoa Makes a Better Beer

Our new line of Aqotango® craft ales offers knowledgeable beer drinkers something for every taste preference. These brews are full-flavored, as you’d expect from well-crafted small batch ales, with a creamy slightly nutty taste note due to a unique ingredient – the superfood, quinoa. Quinoa has been valued for centuries for its nutrient content and was especially prized by the ancient Incas for its health benefits.

Even more, quinoa is a gluten free seed, so Aqotango® ales are naturally low in gluten. Now, for the first time, discerning consumers can enjoy the benefits of a low gluten beer without compromising on taste

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Meet Our Beers

Amber Ale  |  India Pale Ale (IPA)  |  Pale Ale

Where To Buy

We will be selling our special Quinoa beer at a store or bar near you. Check to see where you can buy Aqotango today.

The reward is producing products our consumers like.

“They love the concept of a quinoa beer and our blend of quinoa, malt and hops. We spent over 3 years perfecting the character of these three ales and consumers are really pleased with the results.”

What's In Our Beer?

Amber Ale

  • Quinoa
  • 5 malts
  • 3 hops (CTZ, Cascade, Hallertau)

India Pale Ale (IPA)

  • Quinoa
  • 2 malts
  • Oats
  • 4 hops (CTZ, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe)

Pale Ale

  • Quinoa
  • 3 malts
  • 3 hops (CTZ, Amarillo, Simcoe)

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We are getting excellent response during our Total Wine Tastings.  Here are a few of the feedback comments; Trivett–Fremont Store–March 30 “Holy cow! I felt so much pride pouring a high quality product as Aquotango. I found the sales sheets very helpful and knowing the IBU scale rating. Almost everyone that tasted the beer purchased.”…

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