About Aqotango - A Different Take On An American Classic

The quinoa in Aqotango® adds a unique taste element creating brews that are different and appealing, yet eminently accessible. Dedicated craft beer drinkers appreciate that these ales are true to their traditional character and style, despite using a non-traditional ingredient.

We add some extra steps to the front-end of the brewing process in order to maximally preserve the unique taste characteristics of quinoa, which requires careful handling.

Aqotango as you taste it today is the result of a multi-year research project to determine the best ingredient combination and production methodology to produce these quality ales. We tried many different varieties of hops to eventually select the combination that would pair perfectly with the quinoa base flavors. We think you’ll agree that our research and experimentation have paid off as you enjoy Aqotango® ales today.

We Want to be Your New Go-To Beer

Great with dinner. Amazing with friends. Always a good choice.

Made With Love

As a small batch brewer, we’ve poured our heart and soul into our beer.

Quinoa Based

We’re the first quinoa beer in the US – great for a low gluten lifestyle.

Environmentally Focused

We care about leaving a light footprint and staying future-focused.

Always Creating

It took us 3 years to develop our current line-up. We don’t intend to stop innovating.
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Good Beer Is Important

We focus on filling the demand for a low-gluten beer with total drinkability. Each sip of Aqotango is is easy on the taste, never too bitter, and perfect for pairing with foods.
Jack Bays

Meet Jack

Jack Bays loves craft beer! He also has 35 years of experience in the beverage industry, specializing in nutraceutical and organic products. He’s worked at developing new products for PepsiCo, Shasta, Sarah Lee… and Coors. Jack is a serial entrepreneur and his current company, Bay Pac Beverages, develops and markets a variety of drinks internationally. The company focus is on those that combine high quality, unique ingredients, and a dedication to social responsibility. He explains…“I become involved in ventures where I have a personal passion for something, and sometimes ideas and timing come together to create an opportunity from that passion. I’m excited about the idea of creating and sourcing exceptional products that use healthy ingredients and help care for the future of our world.”

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